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An Overview of the National Association of Scholars VIDEO: The Future of Accreditation

Listen in as we discuss the history and future of accreditation in higher education.

States Lead a Happy Title IX Revolt

Since the Biden Education Department announced its disastrous new Title IX rule, 26 states have filed lawsuits saying the new rule violates not only the United States Constitution and t......

Applause for Iowa House File 2545

House File 2545 details at length what Iowa social studies standards should look like. In doing so, it sketches a necessary and wonderful strengthening of Iowa’s public K-12 social studies educa......

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Send Your Nominations for the 2024 MTC Lysenko Award

It’s time again for the Minding the Campus (MTC) Trofim Lysenko Award for the Suppression of Academic Speech. Named after the notorious Stalinist pseudoscientist whose crackpot agronomist theories—and......

“ChatGPT Is Really Helpful:” The Martin Center Interviews Carolina’s AI Experts

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published by The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal on May 13, 2024 and is crossposted here with permission. Universities are continuing to n......


The Illusion of Institutional Neutrality

College presidents often come under the spotlight for their political pronouncements or lack thereof. Since college presidents must contend with difficult issues of morality, principle, and politics a......

Imbalanced: A Study of Influence at the University of Virginia

This analysis finds that political donations from the faculty and staff of the University of Virginia go almost exclusively to the Democratic Party. If the faculty and staff are combined, the ratio of......

Curriculum of Liberty

In this report, we propose the Curriculum of Liberty, in the spirit of NAS’s principles, which will educate American college students toward freedom, the pursuit of truth, and virtuous citizensh......

Disowned Yankees

This study explores the history of Americans' birthright of liberty. We teach our children social studies, above all history and civics, so they can know what liberty is, where Amer......


May 21, 2024

Forgive and Forget?

While some may be eager to forgive and forget loan debts, those who care about the integrity of higher education must continue to speak up....

May 14, 2024

The Strange Non-Death of TikTok

While TikTok’s looming legislative death sentence has upset Communist China and American libertarians alike, it will likely remain an enabler of college campus chao......

May 7, 2024

Title IX Rewind

Plus a roundup of other major higher education headlines....


The Antisemitism Awareness Act Misses the Mark

Let’s enforce existing laws rather than grandstand for new ones.

Creating Students, Not Activists

The mobs desecrating the American flag, smashing windows, chanting genocidal slogans—this always was the end game of the advocates of the right to protest, action civics, student activism, direc......

Press Releases

Press Release: Scholars File Amicus Brief in Support of Boston Parent Coalition

The brief argues that BPS’s actions violate the Equal Protection Clause. The Chinese American Citizens Alliance of Greater New York, an Asian-American civil rights organization, cosigned the ami......

Civics Alliance Releases History of Communism Standards

These standards provide guidelines for high school teachers to integrate the history of Communism into social studies courses.


Event: Mind Parasites?

Why do bad ideas spread so rapidly? Do bad ideas spread as a kind of malignant mind-worm pandemic? Join us for a fascinating discussion in our next Restoring the Sciences episode. 

Event: The Future of Accreditation

Listen in as we discuss the history and future of accreditation in higher education.